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School Vacation Weeks at the EcoTarium

Family fun for February, April and December School Vacation

When school's out, the EcoTarium is the place to be. Each February, April and December, our education team cooks up creative ways to learn and have fun -- all designed especially for school-age kids and their families. These theme-based weeks are filled with activities focused on a particular science or nature topic. Many activities are free with admission.


Holiday Vacation Week December 26-31, 2018

Stories + STEM

Calling all engineers: The EcoTarium needs your help solving problems faced by characters in familiar stories. Brainstorm solutions and use everyday materials to build prototypes to test your ideas.  You might just save the day!  

Science Discovery Programs

In Secrets of the Forest

All programs held daily

Fairy Tale Mash-Up: The River Problem!

What do three billy goats and one gingerbread man have in common?  They both need to cross rivers immediately! Use everyday materials to help these familiar fairy tale characters get to the other side.

Insect Architects

What happens when little termites play with their food? They come up with amazing solutions for the big problems faced by other tiny critters. Join us as we create fantastic insect homes inspired by Nina Laden’s book, Roberto: The Insect Architect.

Trash or Treasure?

When you’re feeling frustrated do you give up or try again? Even engineers are faced with problems that seem impossible to solve. After reading The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires, we’ll see what problems we can solve with things most people consider junk.

Feeder Frenzy

Bird feeders may be designed for birds, but that doesn’t stop squirrels from trying to grab a tasty snack!  We’ll examine some of the designs that people think are squirrel proof in Adam Rubin’s book, Those Darn Squirrels, and then we’ll try to steal a few seeds of our own. 

Otter Discovery Programs

Otter Habitat

1:30 (Held Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (12/26, 12/28, & 12/29)

How do our Wildlife Keepers provide care for our active otters?  Watch a training session, interaction, or just plain fun enrichment session with our North American river otters at the otter habitat. Keepers will demonstrate what goes into their daily care and offer insight about our resident otters Slydell and Daisy.

Planetarium Shows

Alden Digital Planetarium

11:00 (1:00 on 12/30) – Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

12:00 (2:00 on 12/30) – Passport to the Universe

2:00 (3:00 on 12/30) – Wizards in the Stars

Sirius and Bellatrix and Phoenix, Oh My! Learn to locate some familiar (and not so familiar) witches, wizards, and magical creatures during this live interactive planetarium show, designed and presented by our own Education staff.

3:00 (4:00 on 12/30) – Flying Monsters

Food will be offered by the Dogfather for the week on premise.